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hub by Premier Inn named best value hotel chain the UK

In a recent survey by consumer watchdog, Which? hub by Premier Inn has been voted the best value hotel chain in the UK.

For the past 10 annual surveys, Premier Inn has held the top ranking in the annual Which? consumer survey, whereby hotel guests’ feedback is collated and rated in terms of value. For the first time, Premier Inn has been knocked from the number one spot, by its very own spin off brand, hub.

For the past 10 years, JSJ Design has worked with parent company, Whitbread, across both the Premier Inn and hub hotel chain brands. JSJ Director and lead designer, Simeon Thompson was a key part of the team in developing the hub hotel concept, offering smaller rooms aimed at younger, digital native travellers who seek excellent value for money.

With a 77 per cent customer satisfaction rating, guests described hub hotels as ‘efficient’ and ‘well-designed’ while citing location, facilities and cleanliness among their top scores.

Following the release of the Which? survey results, a journalist from the Metro recently stayed at hub West Brompton and gave her verdict here.

News of the survey and further information on what’s on offer at hub hotels across London and Edinburgh can be found in the following write ups in The Sun, The Express, The Daily Mail and Metro.

Since the brand launched in 2013, we’ve worked with Whitbread to roll out the design concept across each of the brand’s 15 UK sites. We are currently working on the 13th London hub site (16th nationwide) on Old Marylebone Road, which opens to the public later this month (December 2023).

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