Germany’s first Premier Inn opens its doors

Officially opening its doors to the public last month, Germany’s first Premier Inn – Frankfurt Messe – marks a big step in the European expansion of the brand.

One of our founding partners, Jeremy Scarlett has a long-standing relationship with the brand that led to a number of projects, including JSJ Design being employed to convey the look and feel of Premier Inn in a completely new market.

Sarah Simpson, Head of Product for Premier Inn said “JSJ led the entire design process from partner brief, to detailed decision-making, to final design sign-off. As one of our lead design partners, they played a critical role in ensuring successful delivery of the Frankfurt hotel with a distinctive design tailored to the German market.”

We collaborated with Hamburg-based designers JOI Design to ensure the quintessentially English brand catered for local tastes. In addition to the open-plan communal areas, points of differentiation can be found in the bedrooms and bathrooms, where showers replace baths and an imaginative new room layout was developed to meet the expectations of the German guest.

Adopting European-style open-plan lounge, dining and reception areas, the new hotel remains true to its heritage and carries a distinct British charm.

In a guest blog for Hotel Designs, Jeremy described the British influence as being the hotel’s ‘point of difference’, he explained: “We developed elements of the brand that didn’t exist before; in the UK Premier Inn isn’t concerned about appearing British, but in Germany that’s what makes it stand out.”

The overall look and feel has been loosely described as a ‘contemporary British library’ theme, which came from an exploration of what it means to be British. Literature plays a big part in our history, from Shakespeare to Lewis Carroll, and we played with the illustratable and quotable elements of several classic texts in the design. We also incorporated traditional furniture styles such as the Chesterfield sofas, alongside accessories such as colourful porcelain versions of the iconic British Bulldog.

Natural wood and dark warm tones are offset by bright shades of turquoise, sunny yellow accents and pink and purple highlights. Statement pendant lighting creates distinct areas and sets the tone for the use of space, from focused and bright in the Work Zone, to warm and cosy in the lounge and dining areas.

The result is a contemporary multipurpose space that adapts to meet the changing needs of guests throughout their stay.

SleeperArchitecture UpdateSpace and Business Traveller also reported news of the Frankfurt Messe opening.

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